How can I benefit from treatment?

One-on-one interactions allow time to tailor treatments to clients' experiences, medical history, lifestyle concerns, and unique wellness needs. The foundations of acupuncture are safe, individualized care, prevention and long-term health maintenance. 

Personalized treatments can:

• Improve function of the immune system

• Provide long term health maintenance and increase overall wellness

Reduce and/or relieve symptoms

Provide pain relief

Decrease stress

• Alleviate and shorten the common cold   

Improve sleep

• Decrease symptoms from idiopathic, autoimmune and chronic conditions

• Create a sense of whole body relaxation and improve mind-body-sensory awareness- thus improving over all emotional well-being in the same way that meditation or yoga can

• Complement modern medical care and reduce the side effects of many modern medical interventions. 


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• How can I benefit from acupuncture?

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