Integrative Oncology

Chinese medicine by looking at the individual, and developing a comprehensive wellness plan can ease some of the day-to-day issues associated with a diagnosis of cancer. While undergoing surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or disease management - side effects, emotional difficulties, and every day stress can be difficult to treat with pharmaceutical and western intervention alone. Chinese medicine and acupuncture offers valuable integrative care.

Studies in acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been shown to boost blood cell count, and enhance lymphocyte and natural killer (NK) cell activity. Some commonly treated symptoms are cancer pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and symptoms that disrupt quality of life, including weight loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia, poor appetite, hot flashes, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

In 1997, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) held a Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture to evaluate its safety and efficacy. The 12-member panel stated that “there is clear evidence that needle acupuncture treatment is effective for postoperative and chemotherapy nausea and vomiting…. [There are] a number of other pain-related conditions for which acupuncture may be effective as an adjunct therapy, an acceptable alternative, or as part of a comprehensive treatment program.”

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