Standard Treatments may include:


• Chinese Herbal Medicine. Consultations for both internal and external custom formulas are available.

Cupping. a treatment where local suction is created on the skin to mobilize blood flow. Often used for pain management.

Gua Sha. literally means "to scrape away fever" in Chinese. This is a treatment where muscles and acupuncture channels are coated with a special liniment and gently “scraped” with stone tool. Often used for febrile disease, and acute injuries.

Moxibustion. One of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine believed to predate the use of needles, involves the application and heating of the herb artemisia vulgaris directly or indirectly on acupuncture points.

Nutritional counseling

Wellness coaching

Specialty services available:

Full body moxibustion treatment. This fantastic inclement weather treatment helps the body feel warmer, stronger, and relaxed. In Japan this treatment has been used to help boost the immune system and treat long-term chronic disease. 

The common cold treatment. This important treatment is performed on the first day of catching a cold to shorten its effects. Clients can come in for single treatment or up to three days in a row at a discounted rate.

House calls. Matt is available for house visits. Call for pricing. 

For appointments call: 301- 648 - 8825 or email: